Thursday, February 17, 2011

Woodshop Tour

Here's a bunch of pics of my shop. Enjoy your tour!

 Overall view of the shop.
"Aerial" view of the shop.

                                              Cross-cut Sled for the table saw.

                                                          Plunge router and accessories
                                                       Belt sanders, sandpaper, and tool manuals 
                                                    Extra bench with drills and drill bits 
                                                           Bunch of tools 

                                                              Hand saws 
                                                           Optional machinist's vise 

                                                  Mini lathe and tools. Haven't got this running yet.    

                                                 And of course some music!          

                        I will have more pictures up soon of projects I'm working on.
                      Bye the way, if anyone has any information on tools or wood for sale, I
                       would appreciate it. I can always use more supplies as I build up my shop!


  1. Hey, Not bad at all. Your wood shop also :)

  2. OH MY WORD! that video could definitely be considered a form of torture....frog screws, marking gauge lines, jigs....HELP!!!

  3. Yeah, you remembered! I'm so proud of you! If only I could upload it to this blog. Then everyone could enjoy it! HAHAHA

  4. @Crazy Craftsman: Hey man,sorry for not visiting sooner. When I got the invite, the computer decided to freeze up right at that very second! (ugh) Not to mention that Dad gave the "Get into bed" look. Anyways, this looks really cool. I look forward to seeing all of your "creations". One last thing.....Is your shop always that clean? If so, then you've really got something on me,because I can't seem to keep our's clean to save my life!

  5. Thanks for visiting. Yeah, my shop usually is that clean...I have to keep it that clean otherwise it's impossible to be efficient. But I know what you mean, for some reason, I can't keep my bedroom clean to save my life.