Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dovetail Practice

First I checked the thickness of my board with my marking gauge.

Then I transferred that measurement to other board as a guideline for my depth of cut

Next I layed out the pins. I used the "Frank Klausz method"and started with the half pins.

Cutting the pins. (Be careful not to cut below your marking gauge line.)

Chiseling out the waste. (Ugh. I need to sharpen my chisel)

I transferred the markings to the other board with a sharp pencil like this.

Cutting the tails.

I cut out the waste between the tails with a coping saw.

I think it worked pretty good. I easily chiseled out the rest.

Chiseling out the waste and cleaning up the edges.

The finished joint. I think it turned out pretty good. I'm not expert or even an intermediate, but practice makes perfect and so I feel these are satisfactory.

With any luck, my dovetail joints will continue to look better and better! Anyway, it was time well spent.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Woodshop Tour

Here's a bunch of pics of my shop. Enjoy your tour!

 Overall view of the shop.
"Aerial" view of the shop.

                                              Cross-cut Sled for the table saw.

                                                          Plunge router and accessories
                                                       Belt sanders, sandpaper, and tool manuals 
                                                    Extra bench with drills and drill bits 
                                                           Bunch of tools 

                                                              Hand saws 
                                                           Optional machinist's vise 

                                                  Mini lathe and tools. Haven't got this running yet.    

                                                 And of course some music!          

                        I will have more pictures up soon of projects I'm working on.
                      Bye the way, if anyone has any information on tools or wood for sale, I
                       would appreciate it. I can always use more supplies as I build up my shop!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I finally have a blog of my own! I'm basically going to use this blog to share what happens in my woodshop and stuff like that. So you guys will be the first to see what I'm working on and how it turns out. This blog has come just in time, cause I've just finished "remodeling" my shop. I basically rearranged everything and made it into a much more organized, pleasant, and safe place to work (as humble as it might be). I hope you enjoy!    More pics and posts on the way!