Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"5 minute band sawn box"

I decided to have some fun with my new bandsaw the other day, so I made this quickie band sawn box. I didn't take pictures of the process but it was so easy to make that I'll put up the pictures of the next one. Here's some pics.

This was literally made in like 5 minutes. With this one I didn't even really plan ahead. I just was practicing.

It was all made from one piece of wood, which makes it kinda neat.
                                          (I'll make another to show you how it was made. So stay tuned!)


  1. They look cool, but I can't quite see how you would hollow it out. How did you do it? Did you come in from the side with the blade?

  2. Sorry I haven't got another post up to show how it's made, but imagine the front and the back of the drawer being cut off and then I cut the hollow out the drawer and then glue the front and back in place.