Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Makita Battery

Sorry about the huge gap in posts. Between finishing up school, graduating, vacations, and a hectic schedule, I've found it hard to find time for the woodworking or my blog. So here's a post.

When I purchased the Makita cordless drill set mentioned in the last post, it came with a mail-in-rebate offer for a larger battery. I sent in the information required and waited. My patience paid off when this afternoon FedEx pulled up to my door with nice surprise. So here's a pic and specs of the free battery I received.
The batteries that came with the drill set were 1.5 ah. (amp hours).
Amp hours are kinda hard to explain, but how I undertstand it is that this battery, being a 3.0 ah, has twice the
available power than the 1.5 ah ones. So with this one I'll be able to drive deck screws for twice as long, or something to that effect. The best part: I now have a $100 battery and didn't pay a cent!  

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  1. Don't you just love those types of surprises? :D