Friday, May 6, 2011

New Scroll Saw

Sorry about the huge gap between blog posts. I have been kept very busy with life and school and haven't had time to do much in the shop. The picture frames shown in my last post have taken a pause for now, but I hope to find time to finish them sometime next week. Oh well, I guess that's life! Haha!

 However I was able to purchase some new tools with money I earned working in the grapes. I decided to buy this scroll saw. It's not top of the line, but it suits my scroll sawing needs just fine! (I'm also gonna buy some more stuff, but I'll show that later.)

Don't worry, I'll be posting the rest of the picture frame posts soon here. (As soon as I find time to finish them) I'll also put up some pics of the some gifts I'm making for Mother's Day.   Thanks for visiting!


  1. WOW!!!
    (that is better then Christmas!)

  2. It might not be top of the line, but you certainly can't go wrong with a "Ryobi". From what I've seen, they're not all that bad of tools. :)